Veterans 4th of July Parade

We would like to invite you to participate in the Veterans 4th of July

Parade. The parade is a family oriented event in the downtown Anchorage area. It is a great chance to represent your organization and to Your support for Anchorage and for America.

Enclosed you will find the parade rules, regulations and fee schedule for this event. We are looking for creative and patriotic applicants for this year’s parade. Application does not guarantee acceptance.

This year’s parade will start at 11:00am on Sunday, July 4th 2021.

Staging will begin at 8:30am — 9:15am and the judging will begin at 9:30am — 10:15am. Awards will be presented at 10:30am.

Space is limited so we encourage you to apply right away! The

Deadline to apply is Monday June 21 st, 2021, applications received after that will be assessed a $10.00 late filing fee.

Please forward applications to:

Veterans 4th of July Parade Council

Bill Ross

PO Box 241867

Anchorage, AK 99524-1867


Phone: 907-223-0361

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