Post 1 – Past Department of Alaska Commanders

Served in the Army from 1991-1995 & 2003- 2009 with 2 tours in Iraq. He was Post 1 Commander 2019-2021 and will be the Department of Alaska Alternate NEC in fall 2022.

Joined Post 1 in 1994, served in the Army during Grenada / Lebanon. Post Commander from 06/ 11/ 2013 – 04/ 30/ 2019.

Joined Post 1 in 1991, served in the Army 1981 – 1990. Served as Post Commander from 2002 – 2004 and Post Adjutant 2005-2007.

Went to Post Everlasting October 15, 1999, at the age of 81. A World War II Army Veteran and a Member of Post # 1 with 37 continuous years of membership.

Went to Post Everlasting March 26, 2001, at the age of 68. A Korean War Veteran & member of Post #1 with 27 continuous years of membership.

Joined Post 1 in 1959 served 1942-1946 in the Navy during WWII on the USS Lexington. Served as Post 1 Commander and Western District Commander.

Warren C. Colver joined Post Everlasting December 20, 1999 at the age of 74. A World War II Navy Veteran & member of Post # 1 for 46 continuous years.

Went to Post Everlasting at the age of 80. He was a World War II Army veteran. 

Joined Post Everlasting August 2, 2000, at the age of 73.  He was a World War II Merchant Marine veteran and an Army veteran of the Korean War.  He was a member of Post 1 for 45 continuous years.

Joined Post 1 in 1946, Post Commander 1955 – 1956, Western District Commander 1957. Served from June 1943 to July 1946 saw service in 9 countries in theArmy Infantry. Was an Alaska State Rep 1961.

Went to Post Everlasting in 1995, worked as a district engineer for the Safety Branch. Was Post 1 Commander 1953-1954.

Went to Post Everlasting at the age of 84. A World
War II Army Veteran and a Member of Post 1 with 56 continuous years of membership.

Post 1 Commander in 1947, NEC 1950 -1952 & 54-56 and Alt NEC 52-54. Went to Post Everlasting 1966. Worked for the Civil Aeronautics as a airway chief. Served in the Navy August 1917-1919 in the US Navy on submarines. 

Joined Post 1 in 1929 and was Post Commander 1935 -1936. Served from 1917-1919 in the Navy where he was an assistant with the hospital corps and served as a musician. 

Served in the Navy 1917-1919 aboard the USS Kansas and Cruiser Seattle. Was Post 1 Commander in 1940. Served as President of Alaska Mutual Life and Anchorage Real Estate Agency.

Served in WWI, WWII, and Korea. Was also Department Squadron Commander 1950-1952. Went to Post Everlasting July 1977.

Served 1917-1919 in the 1st Gas Regiment was commissioned as a 1st Lt. Key battles participated in were AEF, 2nd Battle of Marne, and Argonne Mause. Went to post everlasting 1949.          Transferred to Post 1 in 1923, became Post Commander in 1926.                                                         

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